Challenge Course (Low Elements 
and now new High Elements
We challenge you to "come and take it!"

The Disciple Oaks Challenge Course is designed to benefit groups of all kinds who want to work together toward a common goal. The course objectives are to promote cooperation and group problem-solving skills, as well as develop individual self-confidence, leadership skills, teamwork and communication skills. 

The course introduces groups to artificial stressors and challenges in a controlled and safe environment led by two or more well-trained, experienced volunteers from our facilitator team. The course setting provides an opportunity for groups and individuals to learn about themselves and address personal, interpersonal, and organizational issues. Each team member brings a unique personality and style of communication that contributes to the dynamics of a team. Team members discover how vital individual contributions are to the success of the team. Participants have an opportunity to reflect on their team-building adventure and apply their experience to everyday life. 
   Each low elements program is customized to meet 
a group's specific needs and address certain themes which they deem important. Your program will be a unique adventure with the potential to induce 
learning and behavior change on both an individual 
and group basis.

Challenge Course

Duration and Lodging
​Ideally, the course is conducted over a weekend, beginning Friday evening and lasting into Sunday. You're welcome to reserve our lodge rooms or dorm-style sleeping areas, but a primitive camping area is also available near the course area.

Group Size and Age Limits
​We accept groups with up to 20 members (about 12-16 is ideal) -– all ages and ability levels. Participants must be ages 14 and up.
  ​Opened in November 2013, we’ve led many groups to better group cooperation and communication. Consider bringing your group soon. Contact us at 830-437-2900 or ​

In December 2015, we completed our high elements course (including a zipline over the lake). Register for your group's challenge course experience today!
The low course includes twelve elements. Here are a few:​
• Porthole
​• Spider Web
​• Wild Woozie
​• Nitro Crossing
​• Triangle Traverse
​• Atesian Beams
​• Whale Watch
​• Wall

A few of the high course elements:
​• Flying Squirrel
• Giant Ladder
• Power Pole
• Zipline across the lake

The course program includes eight objectives: ​Teamwork, leadership, trust, communication, problem solving, decision making, planning​, fun

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